Friday, May 11, 2007

Freebies, Games, and Stuff

Update Freebies: Potions07, Yume16, and Step07

May Freebies: Gundam11 and Pirate17

Birthday Goodies: Birthday05, Choice Certificate, Ressurect06, Hardgay08, Akuma18, and 250 Yen

3/7 Card Claim: Aqua16 and Moonchild12

4/11 Pick a Card: Choice Certificate

Guess the Character: Konoha09, Yume12, and 100 Yen

Guess the Song: Yume20, Ayano07, and 100 Yen

Easy Puzzle: Not Working

Memory: Ninja10, Academy13, and 100 Yen

Seme or Uke: Feather06, Aqua15, and 250 Yen

Card Puzzle: Mahou08, Blackwhite02, Konoha13, Grey01, and 500 Yen

Hard Puzzle: Twin11, Twin20, Keyblade10, Step09, 500 Yen, and Puzzle08


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