Saturday, March 28, 2009


March Freebies: Reuninon17 and Cursed08

Fill in the Blank: Bubblegum01, Exorcist19, Contest07, and 100 Yen

Card Puzzle: Revolution20, Moyashi02, Sekka01, Bet06, 500 Yen

Guess the Character: Darkness02, Cry06, Clone11, and 100Yen

Memory: Reunion01, Diary09, and 100 Yen

Pick a Card: Married01(choice card)

Hard Puzzle: Taboo10, Fate02, Pharaoh06, Heal12, Nineteen16, Vampire08, 500 Yen, Puzzle01

Seme or Uke: Formula02, Mahou02, Keyblade13, Vampire17, Mirror04, and 500 Yen


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