Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Freebies and Trades

Update Freebies: Uke13 and Uke02

Forum Freebies: Married14 and Destiny18

Satu: Married09,Moonchild03,Depend01, and Member Card for my Yami01,Contest20,Keyblade01, and Member Card

Monday, November 20, 2006

Freebies,Cardage, and T rades

Update Freebies: Animagi18,Formula03, and Masters09; also nabbed the special event cards as always.

Commented about the forums: Married08

Couples Match: Indepbted07,Yami01,250 Yen, and Choice Certificate

Sweet Temptation Set Suggestion: Seme06 and 250 Yen

Special Masters Suggestions: Academy15,Gemini03,Getback17,Indebted19,Kao04,Opposite11,Prison13,Sensitive13,and Shadow16

Fuuma: Moonchild04 for my Youkai19

Faith-San: Member Card for my Member Card

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Freebies,Games, and Trades

Freebies: Prince20 and Shadow04

Guess the Song: Feather18,Depend16, and 100 Yen

Guess the Seiyuu: Assign11,Sweet02, and 100 Yen

Easy Puzzle: Indebted18,Military14, and 100 Yen

Guess the Character: Seme20,Style06, and 100 Yen

Guess the Scene: Moonchild13,Feather16, and 100 Yen

Memory: Moonchild07,Heal02, and 100 Yen

Seme or Uke?: Shadow17,Seme17, and 250 Yen

Luciel: zodiac06, zodiac11, zodiac18, and member card for my member card, kitty03, kitty10, and kitty15

Europa: turk11, darkness14, and member card for my thread07, thread12, and member card

Allie: Nobel01 for my Tsubasa10

Kaz: Heal20,Moonchild18, and Member Card for my mahou16,Hanamichi16, and Member Card

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Freebies and Leveled Up

Update Freebies: Depend20,Gemini02, and Mecha07

Card Claim: Zodiac02 and 250 Yen

Couples Match: 250 Yen, Choice Coupon,Chest10, and Thread12

Leveled up to Level 3: 100 Yen, 250 Yen, Academy01, Mahou16, Married05,Married07,Military10, and Puppy12

Monday, November 06, 2006

Freebies,Games, and Trades

November 1st: Deimon12,Pirate01,and Tsubasa10

November 5th: Ressurect03 and Assign02

Guess the Card: Kitty03,Clone20, and 100 Yen

Guess the Song: Kitty15,Pirate07, and 100 Yen

Guess the Seiyuu: Death01,Jewel04, and 100 Yen

Partner guess: Twin03,Moonchild17, and 250 Yen

Card Puzzle: Brother02,Youkai05,Moonchild10,Wizard19, and 500 Yen

Clothes Basket: Twin14,Married06, and 250 Yen

Find Eiri & Shuichi: Slice06,Moonchild05, and 500 Yen

Hard Puzzle: Seme07,Heal13,Shinra08,Destiny08,500 Yen, and Puzzle02

Salemtrials: Heal04 and Heal08 for my Scar07 and Scar14

Sen Akai: Sweet07 and Member Card for my Contest07 and Member Card