Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Goodies and Games!

Christmas Event Card,Christmas04,Choice Certificate,Alter03,Sweet15,Noble03,Keyblad06,Keyblade19,Jewel01, Youkai09, Shinra06,Destiny10,Destiny19,100 Yen, and 250 Yen

Update Freebies: Elven17 and Heartless16

Falsity: Formula10,Shinra07 and 100 Yen

Fill in the Blank: Indebted04,Assign14, and 100 Yen

Guess the Quote: Fate02, Holic12, and 100 Yen

Guess the Song: Animagi13,Mahou07, and 100 Yen

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Update Freebies and Games

Hiatus Freebies 12/05: 1 Choice Token, Reuninon10,Uke18,Outlaw04,Sword18,Mecha20,Twin18,Compete07,Military18,Vampire09, Destiny17,Grey07, 100 Yen and 250 Yen

Hiatus Freebies 12/17: 1 Choice Token, Exorcist01,Darkness10,Ayano15,Uke11,Parsel17, Clone04,Noble13,Sweet19,Neko03,Vampire03,Sadism06,100 Yen, and 250 Yen

Update Freebies: Cards06,Exorcist12,Ghost06, and Married16

Fill in the Blank: Animagi05,Puppy05, and 100 Yen

Guess Card: Gemini18,Pirate10, and 100 Yen

Easy Puzzle: Compete11,Rival19, and 100 Yen

Memory: Moonchild08,Depend19, and 100 Yen

Seme or Uke?: Thread04,Rival02, and 250 Yen

Card Puzzle: Masters05,Seme11,Death19,Destiny01, and 500 Yen

Guess the Artist: Aqua03,Shadow19, and 250 Yen

Hard Puzzle: Seme05,Sword01,Twin07,Vampire20, 500 Yen, and Puzzle03

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Update Freebies,Games, and Trades

Card Claim: Twin16

Update Freebis: Thanksgiving Event Card,Aqua12, and Alter12

Falsity: Married11,Keyblade20, and 100 Yen

Guess the Character: Noble17,Death12, and 100 Yen

Guess the Song: Indebted20,Deimon18, and 100 Yen

Easy Puzzle: Indepbted16, Mecha06, and 100 Yen

Guess the Seiyuu: Poison10,Holic17, and 100 Yen

Memory: Pirate03,Twin06, and 100 Yen

Partner Guess: Military05,Keyblade07, and 250 Yen

Seme or Uke?: Holic04, keyblade17, and 250 Yen

Lottery Win Matched 2 numbers: Sutra09 and 100 Yen

Allie: Noble05 and member card for my Animagi18 and member card