Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hiatus Stuff, Freebies, and Games

March 14th: Choice Certificate, Animagi11, Gundam16, Indebted15, Senstive03, Destiny04, and 250 Yen

March 22nd: Layout02 and Espinoage03

April 03rd: Demon08, Mirror11, Tabloid05, Spring07, StPatrick07, 2500cards,and Easter07

Easy Puzzle: Aqua01, Fate17, and 100 Yen

Guess the Scene: Heartless14, Parcel09, 100 Yen

Memory: Holic01, Shinra07, and 100 Yen

Seme or Uke: Sweet18, Gundam06, and 250 Yen

Card Puzzle: Gundam12, Puppet04, Drug06, Destiny07, and 500 Yen

Clothes Basket: Heartless05, Mecha18, and 250 Yen

Hard Puzzle: Cry05, Keyblade14, Keyblade18, Vampire17, 500 Yen, and Puzzle07