Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Games and Leveled Up to 5

Affiliate Guess: Compete08, Drug20, and 100 Yen

Falsity: Sutra15, Kitty10 and 100 Yen

Guess the Card: Darkness05, Academy05, and 100 Yen

Fill In the Blank: Zodiac10, Sakura05, and 100 Yen

Guess the Song: Sweet03,Depend14, and 100 Yen

Easy Puzzle: Sweet20,Contest14, and 100 Yen

Memory: Holic16,Mecha12, and 100 Yen

Partner Guess: Holic16, Brother15, and 250 Yen

Seme or Uke: Kitty08,Heartless07, and 250 Yen

Pick a Card: Depend13

Card Fishing: 100 Yen and Exorcist20

Collect Set: Cards10 and Pharoh06

Leveled up to 5:

100 Yen
250 Yen

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Freebies and Games

Update Freebies for late game update: 1 Choice Coupon, Exorcist02, Heal12,Opposite11, Assign09, Destiny20, 250 Yen

Pick a Card: 1 Choice Coupon

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Upfate Freebies and Games

Update Freebies: Valentines07 Event Card

Guess the Quote: Turk17, Death15, and 100 Yen

Easy Puzzle: Death18,Turk03, and 100 Yen

Guess the Scene: Zodiac19, Compete06, and 100 Yen

Guess the Seiyuu: Gemini07, Indepbted14, and 100 Yen

Memory: Hardgay16, Depend10, and 100 Yen

Seme or Uke: Darkness17, Indebted06, and 250 Yen

Sunday, February 11, 2007


LilyChan: Darkness02, Puppet05, Sweet09, and Heartless14 for my Puppy05, Puppy20, Prison03, and Prison08

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Freebeis, Games, and Trades

Freebies: Faboulous12 and Hardgay18

Forum Freebies February: Feahter01, Death04, and Sadism13

Affilite Guess: Opposite09, Hardgay02, and 100 Yen

Descramble: Twin04,Compete03, and 100 Yen

Card Puzzle: Sutra05, Drug14, Clone16, Neko15, and 500 Yen

Artist Guess: Academy17, Darkness08, and 250 Yen

Hard Puzzle: Private08,Assign13,Indepbted09,Grey05, 500 Yen, and Puzzle05

Pick a Card: 1 Choice Token

Level Up to 4: 100 Yen, 250 Yen, Death07, Depend19, Keyblade19, Married13, Married20, and Thread15

Jannet: academy08, alter10, moonchild06, and pirate12 for my babylon15, engaged03, moyashi01, and sakura12

Sammie: academy18, compete05, indebted17, mecha09, mecha16, and noble09 for my animagi05, animagi13, cry15, puppy12, resort10, and thread06

Shert: Feahter13 and Holic08 for my Akuma01